CowScout Eating & Rumination Monitoring - Arjun Singh, New Zealand

October 02, 2023
Arjun Singh runs 1,000 cows on his family's 250-hectare farm in Waikato, New Zealand. The farming operation is unique compared to others in the area as he houses the herd in a free stall barn and grows 70-80% of feed on-farm via maize and grass silage.

With his choice of housing his herd in barns, integrating a system like CowScout was crucial for managing his herds' health. For Arjun, a rumination rate of about 44% is normal for his cows, and when this drops below 40%, he knows something is up. CowScout allows him to track this data so he can easily spot when his cows may be going off their feed, or when a cow is sick, and take the necesarry action quickly.