DairyRotor T8500 Rotary Refit - Selwyn Cleland, New Zealand Farmer Story

June 11, 2024
When Selwyn invested in a rotary refit with GEA in June 2023, he was looking for performance that he could rely on.

Selwyn took over the family farm in 2021, continuing on his great-grandparent's legacy. At that time, he was milking 250 cows through a 14-year-old rotary that was wasn't performing as it should. Recognising the opportunity to achieve more, he opted for a rotary refit with GEA last year.

He's since seen significant improvements in milking performance and productivity. Thanks to the installation of automatic cup removers and on-platform teat sprayers, it's now a one person milking operation. And he's confident that the refit will continue to play a pivotal role in helping him achieve a more efficient and profitable farm.