Energy-efficient and planet-friendly cold storage-Bidfood

July 12, 2021
Three clear goals, that’s what Technical Manager Luc Gielen of Bidfood Horeca Service had in mind when he was looking for the right partner for his ambitious cold storage project. He wanted to (1) double the cooling and freezing capacity, (2) do it in a future-proof and sustainable way, and (3) raise the bar for energy efficiency by no less than 50%. He found a reliable partner in GEA Refrigeration & Heating Technologies and enjoyed working with Sales Engineer Tom Bressinck and the rest of GEA team. Want to find out how they achieved the three goals together? Ready to discover their holistic solution, which uses the natural refrigerant ammonia, high-efficiency GEA Grasso reciprocating compressors, and a heat recovery system? Watch this video!