GEA RedGenium Heat Pump On the Move

May 25, 2023
What’s Red, Weighs 26,800 kg./59,000 lbs., and Helps to Cool the Planet?

Answer: This custom-engineered GEA Heat Pump.

Check out this video of “Big Red” being loaded at our York, Pennsylvania, factory and shipped out to Canada for installation.

A leading, sustainability-focused Canadian refrigeration & heating contractor selected GEA to supply heat pump units for a district energy project in Ontario, Canada. Industrial heat pumps are gaining popularity as corporations and municipalities move toward renewable energy solutions. These game-changing heat pumps are one method of reducing our customers’ carbon footprints by eliminating the use of fossil fuels for heating and cooling applications.

Project Overview:
The project comprises dual, two-stage heat pumps utilizing the natural refrigerant, ammonia, which carries an ozone depletion potential of zero. The heat pumps are used for both district heating and cooling for six million square feet of building space connected to the district’s energy system. Each heat pump will not only provide 2 MW / 569 TR of hot water at 85°C / 185°F, but also 4.4°C / 40°F water for chilling requirements. This project employs the new, extra-high-pressure GEA V XHP reciprocating compressors on the high side. Variable frequency drives are used to drive the electric motors and the use of high-efficiency plate & shell heat exchangers result in a highly efficient solution. Renewable hydroelectric power is used to power the heat pumps.

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