New Zealand Testimonial Craig Hickman - GEA iSPRAY4 On-Platform Teat Sprayer

June 26, 2023
Craig Hickman milks 1,000 cows through a 50-bail rotary on the outskirts of Ashburton. With a 30% drop in somatic cell count and the lowest incidents of mastitis he’s seen in 18 years, Craig says improvements have been “out of this world”. Through their first season using the iSPRAY4 on-platform teat sprayer Craig’s noticed huge improvements in udder health along with a considerable reduction in treatment costs. Craig puts this down to the even and constant coverage of teat spray on every cow, every time. With 80% of days in milk being of excellent quality, up from 50% last year, Craig notes animal health goals are absolutely achievable while lowering costs at the same time.