New Zealand Testimonial Daryl Lamborn - GEA iSPRAY4 On-Platform Teat Sprayer

June 26, 2023
Greendale 50/50 Sharemilker, Daryl Lamborn, milks 540 cows through a 50-bail GEA rotary and says mastitis cases were costing him roughly $150 per cow. Since adding the iSPRAY4 on-platform teat spray system last season, Daryl has seen a significant reduction in clinical mastitis cases with SCC dropping from 120,000 to 80,000 resulting in big financial savings. On top of that, integrating his teat care routine with existing automatic cup removers has freed up a pair of hands and lifted productivity, with only 2 people required at milking instead of 3. With improvements noticed almost overnight, including overall better teat condition, Daryl’s aiming to keep somatic cell counts around 50,000 or lower, and drop clinical mastitis cases from 6% to 5%.