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GEA DualSlicer HygieneGEA DualSlicer Hygiene

May 02, 2019

Discover the hygienic design and easy changeover process which the GEA DualSlicer and Interleaver...

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GEA DualSlicer Raw Ham ApplicationGEA DualSlicer Raw Ham Application

April 09, 2019

GEA DualSlicer in combination with the OptiScan X-ray scanning system is ideal for slicing meat...

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GEA DualSlicer Halfround Cheese Application GEA DualSlicer Halfround Cheese Applicat...

April 08, 2019

GEA DualSlicer, in combination with OptiScan X-ray scanning system, is ideal for slicing of...

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GEA DualSlicerGEA DualSlicer

May 30, 2016

GEA DualSlicers in action at van der Sterre slicing a variety of cheeses.

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