Make Juice Healthy Again

November 14, 2022
Packed with vitamins, fruit juice is a much-loved beverage. It also contains significant amounts of natural sugar, making it inaccessible to consumers with dietary restrictions and those reducing sugar intake.
Together with Better Juice, GEA has developed a solution that removes sugar from juices and concentrates without sacrificing taste or nutritional value. To do this, a skid-based bioreactor containing immobilized GMO-free microorganisms captured in beads is used. As the juice passes through, microbial enzymes convert sucrose, fructose and glucose into non-digestible prebiotic molecules (FOS, gluconic acid and sorbitol) that nourish the intestinal flora. The resulting liquid is 100% juice, but with 30 – 80% less sugar, depending on customer requirements.

During this webinar, our experts review:
- Market demand for low sugar, clean label products in North America
- How the Better Juice process works: enzyme reactions, case studies
- Development and use of the GEA Better Juice Sugar Converter bioreactor
- Plant and process integration
- Pilot plant availability; formulation and testing