Non-alcoholic beer: Preserving the magic of taste

June 06, 2022
This film centers on a joint project with the British brewery Adnams in the coastal town of Southwold in southern England. Adnams wanted to produce an alcohol-free beer. Not just any beer, but the equivalent of the award-winning, best-selling Ghost Ship variety. Using GEA technology and GEA brewing skills, Adnams eventually created Ghost Ship Citrus Pale Ale at 0.5% by volume, which won the 2019 World Beer Award Gold on its first birthday. It remains Ghost Ship in body and soul. GEA's project engineer Dr. Andrea Goos and Adnam's production manager Fergus Fitzgerald talk about the journey together.

Presented by The Brewers of Europe and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the GEA, film is part of the Brewing Ambition series, which gives a snapshot of a European beer culture with a strong heritage and a bright future ahead.

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