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Premium quality with every partPremium quality with every part

October 26, 2020

Animation of quality of each part of VARIVENT® valves

Benchmark | Flexible | Hygienic design


Adding sustainability to liquid processesAdding sustainability to liquid processe...

October 15, 2020

Animation of GEA VARIVENT® adding sustainability to liquid processes

Benchmark | Flexible | GEA


Immerse Yourself in the Real and Virtual Worlds of...Immerse Yourself in the Real and Virtual...

September 01, 2020

Journey into the 3D world of virtual reality and take a closer look at the ConsiGma® CDC 50...

ConsiGma | Continuous | Manufacturing


GEA VARIVENT® The BenchmarkGEA VARIVENT® The Benchmark

August 31, 2020

GEA VARIVENT® valve unit - our experience - perfection - inspiration - assurance - your future

Digital | Future | GEA


Digital strength for your progressDigital strength for your progress

August 26, 2020

Animation of digital strength of GEA VARIVENT® valve unit

Benchmark | Control System | Digital


Perfection in every productPerfection in every product

August 26, 2020

Animation of range of GEA VARIVENT® valves for near-limitless customization...

Benchmark | Flexible | Hygienic design


Safety in every process stepSafety in every process step

August 26, 2020

Animation of safe function and absolute reliability of GEA VARIVENT® valve unit

Benchmark | Flexible | Hygienic design


Blood-derived Antibodies and their role in COVID-19Blood-derived Antibodies and their role ...

August 21, 2020

Antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 are produced naturally by the immune system during the course of...

Blood | Blood-Plasma | Fractionation


Important Project Milestones with Remote Solutions Important Project Milestones with Remote...

August 19, 2020

Even during unprecedented times, such as the COVID-19 lockdown, important project milestones such...

Drying | Freeze | Lyophilization


ConsiGma 4.0 Virtual Reality ExperienceConsiGma 4.0 Virtual Reality Experience

July 28, 2020

GEA offers a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art digital tools, including Augmented and...

Continuous | Pharma | Reality


Real-Time Residual Moisture Determinationin in Freeze... Real-Time Residual Moisture Determinati...

July 02, 2020

LYOSENSE® from GEA, based on multipoint NIR measurements, provides the comprehensive and...

Determination | Drying | Freeze