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GEA Whey Processing Webinar VideoGEA Whey Processing Webinar Video

August 10, 2021

In the last few decades, whey has evolved from an undesired by-product of cheesemaking to a...

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Decanter Centrifuge Training 301 webinar Decanter Centrifuge Training 301 webinar...

June 25, 2021

Material, product and process design considerations. -- The material to be processed has a direct...

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Centrifuges for heavy crude oil processingCentrifuges for heavy crude oil processi...

May 01, 2021

The global decline of conventional (light) crude oil production means an increase of the role of...

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Decanter Centrifuge Training 101 webinarDecanter Centrifuge Training 101 webinar

December 18, 2020

Ever wonder exactly how a centrifuge separates solid from liquid? Are you curious about how...

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GEA nozzle separators for greek yogurt manufacturer LepurGEA nozzle separators for greek yogurt m...

November 23, 2020

China-based yogurt producer Lepur has a very strong and customer-centric ambition: providing...

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How to Drive Marine Separation Technology to the Max...How to Drive Marine Separation Technolog...

October 06, 2020

Nowadays, commercial shipping, liner and cruise businesses face a growing number of complex and...

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Cleaning decanters with Varipond PCleaning decanters with Varipond P

September 30, 2020

Our Varipond P feature gives you more than just high yields. It has proven to be extremely useful...

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Decanter in hygienic design - surfaceDecanter in hygienic design - surface

September 30, 2020

We use only high-quality stainless steel for all product-contacting parts. But it’s not the...

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Decanter in hygienic design - CIPDecanter in hygienic design - CIP

September 30, 2020

During CIP, we first speed up the bowl to maximum speed to use as much centrifugal force as...

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Decanter in hygienic design - box distributorDecanter in hygienic design - box distri...

September 30, 2020

The specifically designed box distributor allows for superb cleanability due to its straight and...

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Decanter in hygienic design - nozzlesDecanter in hygienic design - nozzles

September 30, 2020

Spray nozzles clean the decanter bowl not only from the outside but also from the inside. With...

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GEA Separators – International Repair NetworkGEA Separators – International Repair ...

September 30, 2020

Using the example of our competence center in Oelde, you can follow in detail all the necessary...

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