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GEA Plant-based protein powders webinar-Jan2021GEA Plant-based protein powders webinar-...

January 09, 2021

Want to keep pace with the growing protein market? Watch this webinar and explore the latest...

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GEA Filtration Fundamentals for the Plant-based Protein...GEA Filtration Fundamentals for the Plan...

December 14, 2020

Global trends, including personalized nutrition, well-being and fitness, clean eating, avoiding...

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Getting Started in Plant Protein Separation WebinarGetting Started in Plant Protein Separat...

December 07, 2020

What you'll learn in this webinar: -The various plants from which protein can be extracted --...

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Varipond P - Automatic operationVaripond P - Automatic operation

September 30, 2020

Once your cleaning cycle is done, and you are ready to process product again, we have automated...

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VaripondP function for decantersVaripondP function for decanters

September 07, 2020

Our Varipond P feature lets you change the pond depths inside the bowl to maximise your protein...

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Decanter for recovering plant proteinsDecanter for recovering plant proteins

September 07, 2020

For plant protein recovery, decanters are used for extracting, concentrating, recovering and...

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CFD in the context of spray dryingCFD in the context of spray drying

August 31, 2020

Example of how GEA works with Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Proteingewinnung aus KartoffelnProteingewinnung aus Kartoffeln

April 20, 2020

Emslandgroup baut in Kyritz neue Proteinanlage mit GEA als Partner für Engineering der gesamten...

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Process line for potato proteinProcess line for potato protein

April 20, 2020

Emsland Group in Kyritz chose GEA as plant designer for the entire engineering of their potato...

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