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GEA Multi-Purpose Wine DecanterGEA Multi-Purpose Wine Decanter

February 19, 2018

The one-machine solution for as many red and white wine processes as possible.

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GEA Insights - general trends in the beverage industryGEA Insights - general trends in the bev...

January 24, 2018

Paddy Kenna, Head of Application Beverage at GEA, talks about the general trends in the...

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GEA Hilge HYGIA Hygienic PumpGEA Hilge HYGIA Hygienic Pump

December 13, 2017

Animation showing the function of the GEA Hilge HYGIA which is also available for the US market...

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GEA Beverage DecanterGEA Beverage Decanter

November 09, 2017

Animation about the functionality of the beverage decanter centrifuge for juicing and clarification.

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Efficient self-cleaning centrifuge for beveragesEfficient self-cleaning centrifuge for b...

November 09, 2017

Greater yield from the same resources. Fast and precise ejections, gentle product handling, and...

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GEA Brewery 4.0 - the next level of beer production...GEA Brewery 4.0 - the next level of beer...

October 06, 2017

Dr. Rudolf Michel presented the “Brewery 4.0” concept at drinktec 2017. It is a vision where...

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GEA Brewery Advanced reduces evaporation rate to less...GEA Brewery Advanced reduces evaporation...

October 02, 2017

We met up with Dr. Rudolf Michel, who told us more about the Wort stripping system as part of the...

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GEA Pump portfolio at drinktec 2017GEA Pump portfolio at drinktec 2017

September 18, 2017

At drinktec 2017, GEA is presenting its complete portfolio including single- and multistage...

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GEA VARICOVER® Product Recovery System reduces loss of...GEA VARICOVER® Product Recovery System ...

September 18, 2017

Check out the Product Recovery System VARICOVER®, presented by Reimar Gutte at this year's...

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GEA Sterilfoil VHP L - alumunium foil sterilization for a...GEA Sterilfoil VHP L - alumunium foil st...

September 15, 2017

We talked with Paolo Ventrelli about the Sterilfoil VHP L, an innovation introduced at drinktec...

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GEA Control valves - TEFASEP® gold and RVIN guarantee...GEA Control valves - TEFASEP® gold and ...

September 15, 2017

We met up with Reimar Gutte and he told us more about the launch of the two control valves...

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GEA Aseptic Blow Fill System meets demands for capacity,...GEA Aseptic Blow Fill System meets deman...

September 15, 2017

Massimo Nascimbeni talks about the Aseptic Blow Fill System, how it meets customers' needs in...

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