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"It's not just a job. Here at GEA, we're really there for..."It's not just a job. Here at GEA, we're...

August 01, 2019

“I’ve always looked up to my mum. She taught me so much. 32 years ago, when she started to work...

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26 years of dedication in 2 minutes26 years of dedication in 2 minutes

February 01, 2018

Dedication to customers and colleagues. What does that look like? Three people sketch a unique...

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We are OneGEAWe are OneGEA

June 20, 2019

Je staat er niet bij stil, maar bij GEA Nederland werken we met 1500 collega's. In deze film...

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People of GEA: Working for a technology leaderPeople of GEA: Working for a technology ...

November 20, 2018

Pride. That is the overarching sentiment that shines through when employees discuss our...

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People of GEA: Collaborating with colleagues around the...People of GEA: Collaborating with collea...

November 20, 2018

GEA has employees in locations all around the world. Naturally they don’t just work in their own...

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People of GEA: Growing togetherPeople of GEA: Growing together

November 20, 2018

GEA offers exciting growth opportunities. Whether through growing with the job, working with the...

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People of GEA: That ‘GEA feeling’People of GEA: That ‘GEA feeling’

November 20, 2018

Yes, our employees are great people and we are not ashamed to say this because they make GEA what...

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GEA Technology Week Colombia 2018 – To understand it, you...GEA Technology Week Colombia 2018 – To...

April 10, 2018

Impression of the first GEA Technology Week in LAM region, organized by the Colombia and Peru...

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Career in the food industryCareer in the food industry

April 06, 2018

What is so special about a career in the food industry? Find out in this video with Stefan Rauth,...

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GEA Workshop in Kitzingen in GermanyGEA Workshop in Kitzingen in Germany

November 16, 2017

GEA's manufacturing workshop in Kitzingen is known for its high quality of processing equipment,...

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GEA Workshop in Shanghai in ChinaGEA Workshop in Shanghai in China

November 16, 2017

GEA’s workshop in Shanghai delivers a complete range of manufacturing services and high quality...

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GEA Workshop in Shijiazhuang in ChinaGEA Workshop in Shijiazhuang in China

November 16, 2017

GEA’s workshop in Shijiazhuang delivers a complete range of manufacturing services and high...

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