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GEA Grasso M Screw Compressor Unit for Industrial...GEA Grasso M Screw Compressor Unit for I...

The single-stage screw compressor units of the GEA Grasso M Series are the #1 choice in the small...

Compression | Compression cooling system | Compressor


Ammonia Chiller GEA BluGenium AnimationAmmonia Chiller GEA BluGenium Animation

In this line of ammonia chillers, GEA has exploited the potential of the technological concept...

Blu Chiller | Blu Genium | Blue Genium


The energy efficient heat pumpThe energy efficient heat pump

The cooling process generates heat which is transferred to the environment. This process requires...

Cooling | Beverages | Dairy


GEA Craft brewery @ Brouwerij Anders! NV, Halen/BelgiumGEA Craft brewery @ Brouwerij Anders! NV...

40.000 hl complete brewery based on 40 hl CRAFT-STAR™ brewhouse. Interview with the brewmaster of...

Anders | Brewery | Brewhouse


GEA CRAFT-STAR™ ideal for artisanal specialty breweriesGEA CRAFT-STAR™ ideal for artisanal sp...

Everything but ordinary: Brouwerij Anders! brews with GEA technology and an innovative approach.

CRAFT-STAR™ | Beverage


GEA Service – SpanishGEA Service – Spanish

Watch the animation of GEA Equipment Solutions Service’s new plan for success It is a changing...

Animation | GEA Service | Spanish


Orbitalreiniger TwisterOrbitalreiniger Twister

Animation des Orbitalreinigers Twister mit Beschreibung der Funktionsweise

Behälter | Orbital | Reiniger


VARICOVER MolchsystemVARICOVER Molchsystem

Animation des VARICOVER Molchsystems mit einer Erklärung des Molchprozesses

Molchsystem | Produktausschub | Molchen


T-smart 7 Butterfly Valves_RUT-smart 7 Butterfly Valves_RU

Animation of the T-smart 7 butterfly valve with an explanation of single features

Butterfly | Valve


T-smart 7 ScheibenventileT-smart 7 Scheibenventile

Animation des T-smart 7 Scheibenventils mit Beschreibung einzelner Features

Klappenventil | Scheibenventil | Ventil


GEA PerformancePlusGEA PerformancePlus

With GEA PerformancePlus GEA is offering its customers service level options that extend way...

Predictive | Service | Maintenance


Industrial homogenizers - Ariete SeriesIndustrial homogenizers - Ariete Series

Ariete Series homogenizers are suitable for food, beverage, dairy, chemical and pharma applications

Ariete | Beverage; | Chemical;