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GEA Emission ControlGEA Emission Control

March 30, 2017

GEA provides long-term, cost-effective and ecologically viable solutions that help our customers...

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ECOpuls Bagfilter TechnologyECOpuls Bagfilter Technology

March 28, 2017

Working Principle. Bagfilters are the technology of choice in many cases when low dust content is...

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Forced Circulation Crystallizers Working PrincipleForced Circulation Crystallizers Working...

February 22, 2017

Working principle of a FC Crystallizer: The forced circulation crystallizer (FC) is the most...

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DTB Crystallizers Working PrincipleDTB Crystallizers Working Principle

February 22, 2017

Working principle of a DTB Crystallizer: The GEA turbulence with draft tube and baffle (DTB)...

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MVR-heated Evaporation Plants Working PrincipleMVR-heated Evaporation Plants Working Pr...

February 22, 2017

Evaporation plants heated by mechanical vapor recompressors (MVR) require particularly low amount...

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Forced Circulation Evaporator Working PrincipleForced Circulation Evaporator Working Pr...

February 22, 2017

Working principle of a falling film evaporator: a horizontal or vertical shell-and-tube heat...

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Falling Film Evaporator Working PrincipleFalling Film Evaporator Working Principl...

February 22, 2017

Working principle of a falling film evaporator: a vertical shell-and-tube heat exchanger, with a...

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Plant Design Example for EvaporatorsPlant Design Example for Evaporators

February 22, 2017

Example of a plant design: In case of multiple-effect evaporation plants, the exhaust vapors from...

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GEA PerformancePlusGEA PerformancePlus

October 24, 2016

With GEA PerformancePlus GEA is offering its customers service level options that extend way...

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GEA lab for homogenization – PandaPLUS with nanoemulsionGEA lab for homogenization – PandaPLUS...

January 20, 2016

The GEA laboratory in Parma (Italy) is a precious customer’s support to test the homogenization...

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Industrial homogenizers - Ariete SeriesIndustrial homogenizers - Ariete Series

November 02, 2015

Ariete Series homogenizers are suitable for food, beverage, dairy, chemical and pharma applications

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GEA Chemical - Homogenization processGEA Chemical - Homogenization process

October 29, 2015

The homogenization process inside the high pressure homogenizer equipped with a standard valve

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