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MVR-heated Evaporation Plants Working PrincipleMVR-heated Evaporation Plants Working Pr...

February 22, 2017

Evaporation plants heated by mechanical vapor recompressors (MVR) require particularly low amount...

Evaporation | Mechanical | Mvr


Forced Circulation Evaporator Working PrincipleForced Circulation Evaporator Working Pr...

February 22, 2017

Working principle of a falling film evaporator: a horizontal or vertical shell-and-tube heat...

Circulation | Evaporation | Forced


Falling Film Evaporator Working PrincipleFalling Film Evaporator Working Principl...

February 22, 2017

Working principle of a falling film evaporator: a vertical shell-and-tube heat exchanger, with a...

Evaporation | Falling | Film


Plant Design Example for EvaporatorsPlant Design Example for Evaporators

February 22, 2017

Example of a plant design: In case of multiple-effect evaporation plants, the exhaust vapors from...

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GEA PerformancePlusGEA PerformancePlus

October 24, 2016

With GEA PerformancePlus GEA is offering its customers service level options that extend way...

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GEA lab for homogenization – PandaPLUS with nanoemulsionGEA lab for homogenization – PandaPLUS...

January 20, 2016

The GEA laboratory in Parma (Italy) is a precious customer’s support to test the homogenization...

Beverage | Dairy processing | Food


Industrial homogenizers - Ariete SeriesIndustrial homogenizers - Ariete Series

November 02, 2015

Ariete Series homogenizers are suitable for food, beverage, dairy, chemical and pharma applications

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GEA Chemical - Homogenization processGEA Chemical - Homogenization process

October 29, 2015

The homogenization process inside the high pressure homogenizer equipped with a standard valve

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GEA Chemical - IceCon® Melt CrystallizationGEA Chemical - IceCon® Melt Crystalliza...

September 14, 2015

The IceCon® melt crystallization technology for chemical and food applications is demonstrated...


GEA Screw Compressor Product AnimationGEA Screw Compressor Product Animation

April 17, 2015

GEA screw compressors are widely used in gas compression and industrial refrigeration systems....

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