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GEA SmartPacker Cx250 Brussel SproutsGEA SmartPacker Cx250 Brussel Sprouts

GEA SmartPacker CX250 packing 500gr at 120 bags per minute

Aquarius | CFS | CX250


GEA Aquarius 3D PopLineGEA Aquarius 3D PopLine

Have 3D pops shaped your way Carve yourself a strong market position with stunning 3D...

3D | CIP | PopLIne


GEA Aquarius FlexFormer SC/HCGEA Aquarius FlexFormer SC/HC

Need to form lollipops at the highest speeds in the market with the highest efficiency,...

3D | Aquarius | CIP


Efficient production of coated mushrooms and onion rings...Efficient production of coated mushrooms...

Scelta Products produces coated onion rings and mushrooms on GEA coating & frying lines

EasyFry | GEA | OptiFlour


Compressors GEA Bock HG34 & HG46Compressors GEA Bock HG34 & HG46

The transcritical CO2 compressors are ideally suited for supermarket refrigeration. Perfectly...


Compressors GEA Bock HG34 CO2 T & HG46 CO2 TCompressors GEA Bock HG34 CO2 T & HG46 C...

The transcritical CO2 compressors are ideally suited for supermarket refrigeration. Perfectly...


ColdSteam MColdSteam M

The GEA ColdSteam M spectacularly reduces defrosting time from days to minutes! It is based on a...

ColdSteam | GEA | M


GEA Aquarius TwistWrapper with Container filling systemGEA Aquarius TwistWrapper with Container...

Supplying your beautifully shaped and wrapped lollipops in handy containers will please retailers...

Boxes | Bunchwrapper | Container


GEA Aquarius BunchWrapper with Label unitsGEA Aquarius BunchWrapper with Label uni...

Need to include information, additional branding, themed actions or other promotional information...

Aquarius | Bunchwrap | Bunchwrapper


GEA ScanMiniGEA ScanMini

In-line massaging, marinating and tumbling

GEA | ScanMini


GEA Bock HG seriesGEA Bock HG series

The new GEA Bock HG series: commercial piston compressors with high efficiency. Displacement...

Bock | Commercial | Compressors


GEA PowerPak date packaging on thermoformerGEA PowerPak date packaging on thermofor...

GEA thermoformer to pack dates in different variants! Typical 1 kg, 500 g and 50 g packs in flex...

GEA | Tiromat | Date