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GEA Grasso V Series Piston CompressorGEA Grasso V Series Piston Compressor

Animation about the GEA Grasso V Series piston compressor. A trip in and around the industrial...

Compressor | GEA | Industrial


GEA PerformancePlusGEA PerformancePlus

With GEA PerformancePlus GEA is offering its customers service level options that extend way...

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Fonterra chooses GEA againFonterra chooses GEA again

At GEA we believe that overcoming technical challenges is the key to our success. They enable us...

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GEA PowerGrindGEA PowerGrind

The GEA PowerGrind represents a new generation GEA grinders with improved capacity, hygiene and...

PowerGrind | Fresh | Frozen


GEA DeltaPak. Small machine. Great Performance.GEA DeltaPak. Small machine. Great Perfo...

GEA DeltaPak is designed to meet the needs of users who process and package smaller volumes, and...

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GEA DeltaPak. Kleine Maschine. Große Leistung.GEA DeltaPak. Kleine Maschine. Große Le...

Die GEA DeltaPak unterstützt Unternehmen, die kleinere Produktmengen verpacken oder die besonders...

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GEA cooling system mod. TORGEA cooling system mod. TOR

The versatile TOR storage and cooling tower from GEA allows products on trays to be stored and...

Bakery | Cooling


GEA pie making system mod. TARTOMATICGEA pie making system mod. TARTOMATIC

The Tartomatic is the most compact pie machine from GEA. The latest version represents the...

Bakery | Pie making system | Pies


GEA depanner mod. SMRGEA depanner mod. SMR

GEA has developed the SMR depanner to automate the otherwise heavy manual task of overturning...

Bakery | Depanner


GEA depanner mod. SMOGEA depanner mod. SMO

The SMO depanner from GEA gently picks up products from baking trays and places them directly...

Bakery | Cakes | Cup denester


GEA pie lidding system mod. RTTGEA pie lidding system mod. RTT

GEA’s RTT rotary molder is has been developed as a dedicated system for producing lids and...

Bakery | Pie making system | Pies


GEA depanner mod. ROBOTGEA depanner mod. ROBOT

Matching today’s most demanding automation requirements in the bakery sector, the Robot depanner...

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