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GEA depanner mod. SMOGEA depanner mod. SMO

The SMO depanner from GEA gently picks up products from baking trays and places them directly...

Bakery | Cakes | Cup denester


GEA pie lidding system mod. RTTGEA pie lidding system mod. RTT

GEA’s RTT rotary molder is has been developed as a dedicated system for producing lids and...

Bakery | Pie making system | Pies


GEA depanner mod. ROBOTGEA depanner mod. ROBOT

Matching today’s most demanding automation requirements in the bakery sector, the Robot depanner...

Bakery | Depanner


GEA oil sprayer mod. OLTGEA oil sprayer mod. OLT

The OLT model oil sprayer from GEA automates the process of greasing trays or baking molds, which...

Bakery | Cakes | Oil sprayer


GEA cup denester mod. NCRGEA cup denester mod. NCR

The NCR denester from GEA has been designed to handle and deposit standard and also special paper...

Bakery | Cakes | Cup denester


GEA cup denester mod. NCGEA cup denester mod. NC

The NC model denester from GEA represents the most versatile machine for placing paper cups into...

Bakery | Cakes | Cup denester


GEA pie making system mod. MINITARTGEA pie making system mod. MINITART

GEA has developed the Minitart machine to meet the bakery industry’s need for a compact pie and...

Bakery | Pie making system | Pies


GEA cakes depositor mod. DPCGEA cakes depositor mod. DPC

The precision volumetric multi-piston depositor with C shaped frame for fitting into to an...

Bakery | Cakes | Depositor


GEA cakes depositor mod. DPGEA cakes depositor mod. DP

The DP model depositor from GEA features independent volumetric cylinders, and is ideal for...

Bakery | Cakes | Depositor


GEA cakes depositor mod. DNGEA cakes depositor mod. DN

The DN model volumetric piston depositor can accurately deposit a wide range of delicate batter...

Bakery | Cakes | Depositor


GEA pie making system mod. LTTGEA pie making system mod. LTT

The LTT and LTF pie production lines have been developed to meet the requirements for...

Bakery | Pie making system | Pies


GEA layer cakes system mod. LTHGEA layer cakes system mod. LTH

The LTH model layer cake system from GEA has been designed to meet industry’s common requirement...

Bakery | Depositor | Layer cakes