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Synthesis - Molino de cilindrosSynthesis - Molino de cilindros

April 01, 2021

El molino de cilindros Synthesis incorpora lo mejor de la tecnología de molienda y las funciones...

Molienda | Molino | Synthesis


Synthesis - RollermillSynthesis - Rollermill

April 01, 2021

The Synthesis - Rollermill takes on board the very best in milling technology and the skills...

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GEA Valve process matrixGEA Valve process matrix

March 31, 2021

Watch as 3 tanks are emptied, cleaned and filled simultaneously using GEA Hygienic valve technology.

Hygienic valves | Mixproof | VARIVENT


GEA Hygienic leakage butterfly valvesGEA Hygienic leakage butterfly valves

March 31, 2021

Function of butterfly valves for mixproof separation of media

Butterfly valves | Mixproof | Valves


GEA Hygienic butterfly valvesGEA Hygienic butterfly valves

March 31, 2021

Animation of the function of hygienic butterfly valves

Butterfly valves | Hygienic | Valves


Soft Wheat Milling Plant - Molino Naldoni (Italia)Soft Wheat Milling Plant - Molino Naldon...

March 30, 2021

The Naldoni family has a long-established position in the milling industry with their first mill...

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GEA FoodTray in practice GEA FoodTray in practice

March 16, 2021

Providing the ever- growing global population with fresh food only works with safe packaging....


Meet the experts - Victoria MetauteMeet the experts - Victoria Metaute

March 08, 2021

The Technology Center is an environment where you can feel free to experiment, evaluate, do...

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GEA ScanMidi massaging/tumbling systemGEA ScanMidi massaging/tumbling system

March 04, 2021

Whether you need to massage or tumble pork, beef, poultry or sea food products, the GEA ScanMidi...

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GEA ColdSteam T tumbler-based defrostingGEA ColdSteam T tumbler-based defrosting

March 02, 2021

Defrosting frozen meat or poultry requires a quick and safe process. A system that maintains the...

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Freeze drying for responsible food productionFreeze drying for responsible food produ...

March 01, 2021

The food industry is increasingly focused on reducing waste, increasing shelf-life, and creating...

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Webinar: Make the most of freeze drying tech for new, and...Webinar: Make the most of freeze drying ...

March 01, 2021

This 2nd GEA freeze drying webinar showcases how it’s possible to make a profitable business out...

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