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GEA bread baguettes injector mod. LFBGEA bread baguettes injector mod. LFB

GEA has worked in close consultation with the bread production sector to design and develop the...

Bakery | Bread | Injector


GEA cookies depositor mod. DV3GEA cookies depositor mod. DV3

Designed to simultaneously deposit two different types of dough, as well as a third, fluid...

Bakery | Cakes | Cookies


GEA cakes depositor mod. DVGEA cakes depositor mod. DV

The DV and DFV model cookie depositors from GEA offer high capacity production. The units...

Bakery | Cakes | Cookies


GEA cakes and pastry injector mod. DTGEA cakes and pastry injector mod. DT

The DT model vertical injector has been designed specifically for customers who are operating a...

Bakery | Cakes | Injector


GEA cup denester mod. DSMGEA cup denester mod. DSM

As the most versatile machine of its kind, GEA’s flagship DSM denester can deposit many types and...

Bakery | Cakes | Cup denester


GEA cup denester mod. DSGGEA cup denester mod. DSG

DSG model denester from GEA is specially designed to handle oversized paper cups. Capable of...

Bakery | Cakes | Cup denester


GEA tomato depositor mod. DRPGEA tomato depositor mod. DRP

The DRP tomato sauce depositor from GEA has been designed as a highly efficient system for the...

Bakery | Depositor | Pizza


GEA rye bread depositor mod. DRBGEA rye bread depositor mod. DRB

The DRB model volumetric depositor-extruder from GEA has been designed specifically to deposit...

Bakery | Depositor | Rye bread


GEA tomato depositor mod. DPSGEA tomato depositor mod. DPS

The DPS model spray depositor from GEA is ideal for distributing a homogeneous layer of filtered...

COMAS | GEA bakery | Bakery


GEA cakes and pastry injector mod. DPIGEA cakes and pastry injector mod. DPI

The DPI injector with volumetric cylinders represents a high performance solution from GEA that...

Bakery | Cakes | Injector


GEA cakes and pastry injector mod. DPCIGEA cakes and pastry injector mod. DPCI

The DPCI model injector from GEA represents a robust, reliable solution that can be integrated...

Bakery | Cakes | Injector


GEA cakes and pastry injector mod. DIGEA cakes and pastry injector mod. DI

The DI model horizontal multi-piston injector from GEA is the perfect machine for horizontally...

Bakery | Cakes | Injector