NEW models: GEA Red Heat Pumps

December 16, 2020

GEA Red heat pumps (GEA RedGenium and GEA RedAstrum) are now available with an ammonia cascade evaporator. This heat exchanger uses waste heat from any chiller process with ammonia, working simultaneously as the condenser for the chiller and the evaporator for the heat pump. The Red heat pump “cascade” version is perfect for all applications in which the heat pump is added to an existing chiller. Compared with conventional systems, our “cascade” solution improves the efficiency by over 10 %. GEA Red heat pumps provide supply temperatures up to +80 °C (GEA RedAstrum) and +70 °C (RedGenium), heating capacities up to 2,900 kW and are suited wherever process or district heating is required. The GEA RedAstrum series has recently been extended by three more (screw compressor) sizes, almost doubling the available capacity range for our customers.


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