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Platos (Spain) - Working with GEA CookStar since 2008Platos (Spain) - Working with GEA CookSt...

February 07, 2018

Customer reference video. Platos TRADICIONALES bought complete lines with GEA CookStar to...

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GEA MaxiFormer - The next step in high volume drum formingGEA MaxiFormer - The next step in high v...

February 05, 2018

Video for the introduction of the GEA MaxiFormer. The next step in high volume drum forming for...

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GEA SmartPacker Whole chicken packingGEA SmartPacker Whole chicken packing

March 10, 2017

GEA SmartPacker packing fresh whole chicken with belt feeding

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Efficient chicken tender productionEfficient chicken tender production

November 22, 2016

GEA has developped a total solution for efficient, in-line, chicken tender production.

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In-line injection and roasting of skin-on chicken filletIn-line injection and roasting of skin-o...

June 23, 2016

Patented process for in-line marinating and roasting of fragile products like skin-on chicken fillet

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How it's made - Homestyle Chicken - GEA demoHow it's made - Homestyle Chicken - GEA ...

November 16, 2015

How to produce homestyle chicken on an industrial scale

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