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GEA OxyCheckGEA OxyCheck

November 07, 2019

Innovazione tecnologica è sinonimo di sicurezza. Il sistema di controllo Oxycheck rivoluziona la...

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GEA SmartPacker TwinTubeGEA SmartPacker TwinTube

September 25, 2019

With a combined production output up to 500 bags per minute and a new re-enforced modular design,...

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GEA SmartPacker CX250-SGEA SmartPacker CX250-S

March 07, 2019

High-speed packing just got smarter GEA SmartPacker CX250-S features a low-drop design, which...

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Martijn van de Mortel about GEA SmartPackers for...Martijn van de Mortel about GEA SmartPac...

January 30, 2019

Martijn van de Mortel will explain you how GEA handles the current confectionery market demands...

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Marco Lemmen about the GEA SmartPacker CX250-SMarco Lemmen about the GEA SmartPacker C...

January 30, 2019

Inside sweet technology with Marco Lemmen, who will tell you all about our new high-speed...

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Welcome to GEA SmartPacker CX250-SWelcome to GEA SmartPacker CX250-S

December 04, 2018

High speed packaging just got smarter. The new high-speed vertical form-fill-seal machine is the...

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GEA TwinTube Chinese versionGEA TwinTube Chinese version

July 05, 2018

Update from previous Chinese TwinTube versions, please replace the video by this one and keep the...

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GEA TwinTubeGEA TwinTube

July 05, 2018

GEA SmartPacker TwinTube boosts your productivity. With a bag production output up to 500 bags...

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GEA Lollipop CoatingGEA Lollipop Coating

June 02, 2016

GEA Aquarius Lollipop coating line

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