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Engineering for a better world - GEA OxyCheck at...Engineering for a better world - GEA Oxy...

Under the heading “Packed with Inspiration” GEA is at InterPack to showcase its new innovations...

Interpack | Oxycheck | Packaging


GEA DualSlicer: Smart details for top grades in slicing foodGEA DualSlicer: Smart details for top gr...

GEA has presented this year’s innovations in food processing and packaging exhibiting an...

Dualslicer | Packaging


GEA SmartPacker CX250 Granola/CerealsGEA SmartPacker CX250 Granola/Cereals

GEA SmartPacker CX250 running 120/min on gusset bags Granola

CX250 | Cereals | GEA


GEA SmartPacker Whole chicken packingGEA SmartPacker Whole chicken packing

GEA SmartPacker packing fresh whole chicken with belt feeding

Cx400 | GEA | SX400


GEA SmartPacker Cx250 Brussel SproutsGEA SmartPacker Cx250 Brussel Sprouts

GEA SmartPacker CX250 packing 500gr at 120 bags per minute

Aquarius | CFS | CX250


GEA PowerPak date packaging on thermoformerGEA PowerPak date packaging on thermofor...

GEA thermoformer to pack dates in different variants! Typical 1 kg, 500 g and 50 g packs in flex...

GEA | Tiromat | Date


GEA Dairy Processing - Dairy Production Lines: from milk...GEA Dairy Processing - Dairy Production ...

GEA can provide you customised solutions according to your needs, from milk reception, through...

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